Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Video utility bills break down charges visually

Bills are notoriously difficult things to understand sometimes, and we’ve already seen efforts – such as BillGuard – to help make checking them an easier task. Now telecoms giant AT&T has introduced the U-Verse Video Bill, which aims to give a clearer snapshot of monthly charges. Rather than send customers of its U-verse TV and High Speed Internet packages a plain black-and-white list of charges, the company has developed a scheme that enables users to receive a personalized video each month detailing the bill. The idea behind the initiative is to make the billing process as visual and engaging as the services users receive, encouraging them to better understand what they’ve been charged for, as well as complete the payment. If the idea catches on, could there be room here for video production companies to specialize in explanatory bills? Or perhaps businesses could go one step further and create web-based interactive bills?

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