Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wine travel guide enables enthusiasts to customize and book holidays

The Elixr app already helps those in the US find out where to get a cocktail. Now UK-based Winerist aims to help lovers of the drink to find and book hotels and holiday packages in the world’s wine-producing regions. Visitors to the site first begin by choosing the country they would like to visit, with help from guides to each region and its wine. Winerist then recommends accommodation in the area which caters to enthusiasts, working with independent boutiques and hotels to provide discounts. Finally, tourists can find wineries, wine tours and cooking courses which complement the kind of wine available in the region. Customers can book their holiday entirely through Winerist. The website also acts as a comprehensive guide to wine travel in general. Winerist helps those looking to book a niche holiday to do it one place, while also getting advice from experts in the field. Are there other niche travel industries that could benefit from this type of platform?

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